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Haubiversum – top tourist attraction in Lower Austria


Perfect for everyone  for little ones as well as for grown-ups!

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For all of your senses

The tour begins in the Haubiversum cinema. We then lead you to the "Goldene Backstube" [Golden Bakery] baking area, where you can create your own Mohnflesserl, a traditional Austrian pastry. These are baked for you while you enjoy the rest of the tour.

During the tour you will experience the baker's craft with all of your senses and taste your way through our product range: complimentary tasty treats from our different breads, pastries and baked goods are all waiting for you!

Listen and learn

After a short stroll through the history of the Haubis company, the tour leads straight into the middle of our factory. Watch as our colleagues transform dough into finished rolls! It's a hive of kneading, shaping, sprinkling and baking.

From freezing cold to baking hot

Allow us to take you to the extremes! Only then can you experience the highlight of the tour: the journey our dough goes on through the proving oven, freezer and baking oven!

Agenda of Experience Tour

  • Guided tour of our bakery
  • Welcome message and introduction in the Haubiversum cinema
  • Create your own Mohnflesserl in our "Goldene Backstube" [Golden Bakery]
  • Discover exciting baking knowledge and gain an insight into the production process
  • Sweet treats from the Haubis patisserie
  • Taste Haubis bread, pastries and baked goods fresh from the oven
  • "From freezing cold to baking cold" – The journey of Haubis dough

Essential information of Experience Tour

Tours take place all year round at 11:00 and 14:30.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Booking required. This tour is in German. We offer tours in English for groups of 20+

You can only visit "The World of Bread" within a guides tour.



adult ticket 9,90 €

child ticket 5,90 €

family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) 25,90 €

discounted family ticket (1 adults, 2 children) 15,90 €

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