Uneingeschränkt Spaß haben


Unrestricted fun

The Haubiversum is an accessible destination that can and should be enjoyed without any limitations, whether you are in a wheelchair or have a pushchair with you. 


Accessible arrival

In order to smooth out any difficulties aside from the stairs, here is an overview of our facilities.

Disabled parking spaces:


  • One parking space immediately by the main entrance 
  • Two further parking spaces in the main visitor car park (approximately 350 metres away)
  • Guests are welcome to get in and out of their cars in front of the main entrance. There are plenty of parking spaces for cars and buses within walking distance.

Public transport:

  • Travelling by train is simple. The walk from the station is only 650 metres with a slight incline. The route to the Haubiversum is signposted. Further information can be found here.

Barrier-free entrance

  • The main entrance is 2 metres wide and paved, with a small step of just 2 centimetres.
  • The café and the Knusperhäuschen have accessible seating.
  • A disabled toilet can be found in the café.
  • There is currently space for 10 wheelchairs in the cinema. Pushchairs can be stored outside of the cinema.
  • The floor of the "Goldene Backstube" [Golden Bakery] has a roughened surface.
  • The visitor's route has ramps with a maximum incline of 6%. We recommend bringing along someone who can help with the ramps. 
  • The visitor's route has raised platforms to afford a better view of the factory. 
  • There are two small steps in the "The journey of the dough" area.
  • There are two rest areas available along the visitor's route.
  • The children's bakery has barrier-free access.
  • The path to the terrace by the pond is paved and the terrace itself is covered with wood.
  • The indoor play area is only partially barrier-free. The outdoor playground is covered with turf. The Hamsterhausen Parkour has no barrier-free access.
  • Lifts to the offices and tower are available.

We also offer:

  • Free loan of a wheelchair for the length of your visit
  • Free loan of reading glasses for the length of your visit
  • Tours in English for groups of 20+
  • Children's toilets in the children's bakery and the indoor play area
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Discounted prices for disabled guests

We are happy to provide more information about concessions for companions and carers of disabled guests on request.


We unfortunately cannot offer the following:

  •  Audio guides or guides for people who are hard of hearing. Companions who can interpret for and on behalf of the guest are more than welcome on the tours.
  • Signs or guides in braille 


The Haubiversum has been awarded the "Betreutes Reisen" [Assisted Travelling] certificate by the Austrian Red Cross, a scheme that provides support to people with additional requirements and disabilities to enable them to enjoy a holiday experience.

People with disabilities are expressly welcome to join the tours in the Bread Experience World and the children's bakery or the baking courses.


We look forward to hearing from you!