Anton Kornmeister

How Anton Kornmeister ended up at Haubis

Anton Kornmeister is our mascot of the children's backery. He knows a lot about out bakery and cannot wait to meet you!

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Welcome children!

I am Anton Kornmeister, the mayor of Hamsterhausen. Together with my friends in the Haubis children's bakery, I make sure that the children in the Haubiversum have even more fun than the grown-ups.

Now, perhaps you're wondering how a field hamster ended up in a bakery. After all, most bakers aren't too happy to have small rodents scurrying around. Here's how it happened: before I became the mayor here, I helped Farmer Maier on his farm. He's a great guy with an even cooler tractor, and fields as big as football pitches. In his fields he grows grain, which I was responsible for taste-testing. Is the wheat ripe? Does the rye taste good? And which spelt should we grow next year? Farmer Maier trusted me with all of it. And no wonder, as we field hamsters are corn experts.

One fine day we were on our way to Haubis with sacks full of freshly milled flour. Then suddenly a hedgehog appeared at the side of the road. SOL, as he was called, was going our way. During the journey he explained how he worked in Hamsterhausen entertaining all the wonderful children, and that Hamsterhausen was currently looking for a corn expert. I was so excited my tummy felt as if I'd eaten too many muffins. That happens sometimes. The farmer complained about it for quite a while, but he finally decided to let me apply. Even he had to admit that no-one knows the journey from the field to the bread basket as well as I do. And also because he likes to see children with big smiles on their faces.

My friends in Hamsterhausen will tell you the rest of the story. I think I've talked about myself enough for one day!

Anton Kornmeister


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